«What does an Icelandic think of the surge of tourists that floods their country? Do the people of Amsterdam still champion their tradition of tolerance and openness to the world? Why are the Japanese crazy for African American music?»

THE PASSENGER is a book-magazine that brings together long reads, investigative journalism, literary reportage and narrative essays, with the aim of telling the story of the life of a place and its inhabitants, understanding its shifting culture, the development of its identity, the debates, the issues, the problems, and the wounds. Fragments that together build a wide-ranging picture.

A series of features complements the texts: significant and surprising infographics; original illustrationsrecommendations from a famous author of a book, a film, an album; a section of «false myths» debunked; and others.

In addition, in collaboration with the photography agency Prospekt, each issue features original, commissioned photographs by an international photographer sent to the country to document the most significant stories.

The logo is a reference to Huginn and Muninn, two crows of the Norse mythology, associated with the god Odin, that travel the world bringing news and information back to their master. Odin sends them out at dawn to gather intelligence and they return in the evening, sit on the shoulders of the god and whisper what they saw into his ears. In Norse language Huginn means «thought», while Muninn «memory».

THE PASSENGER is a project of the Italian publishing house, Iperborea, which specialises in Northern European literature. After over thirty years spent exploring the North, like Odin’s crows, Iperborea now opens to the rest of the world, travelling far and wide to search for and publish the best of the «geographic» long form, remaining faithful to the criteria that inform its editorial line: relevance of themes, quality of writing, as well as permanence, shunning current events to focus on the present, to offer an understanding of what is contemporary rather than what is merely recent.

For this reason, THE PASSENGER can also be read as a one-of-a-kind «travel guide», which does not replace the traditional ones, but complements them, and has, above all, a unique quality, not just in Italy but also internationally. There is no lack of guides, magazines, websites and apps that focus on the where, how and when of a destination. What THE PASSENGER wants to answer is why.

The Passenger is also available in English, through a partnership with Europa Editions, in Spanish, through GeoPlaneta, and in Portuguese, through Âyiné Editora.


David Abulafia, Jake Adelstein, Giorgio Amitrano, António Lobo Antunes, Stefania Auci, Tash Aw, Jazmina Barrera, A. Igoni Barrett, Elif Batuman, Sara Baume, Fatima Bhutto, Leonardo Bianchi, Egill Bjarnason, Carmen Boullosa, Irena Brezna, Jan Brokken, Floriana Bulfon, Ian Buruma, Francisco Cantú, Pino Cacucci, Ben Coates, Alexandra Lucas Coelho, Paolo Cognetti, Francesco Costa, Alex Cuadros, Najat El Hachmi, Marco D’Eramo, Catherine Dunne, Claudia Durastanti, Najat El Hachmi, Sonia Faleiro, Roberto Francavilla, Rivka Galchen, Paolo Giordano, Lauren Groff, Arnon Grunberg, Amira Hass, Toine Heijmans, Hallgrímur Helgason, Christos Ikonòmou, Prem Shankar Jha, Alicia Kopf, Kostas Koutsourelis, Nicola Lagioia, Michel Laub, Jon Lee Anderson, Max Lobe, Erlend Loe, Richard Lloyd Parry, Valeria Luiselli, Paolo Macry, Andri Snær Magnason, Daniele Manusia, Jo Marchant, Petros Markaris, Gabi Martínez, Michele Masneri, Colum McCann, Tommaso Melilli, Marzio G. Mian, Marco Missiroli, Murakami Ryū, Letizia Muratori, Siri Nergaard, Guadalupe Nettel, Chimamanda Adichie Ngozi, Cees Nooteboom, Matteo Nucci, Mark O'Connell, Francesco Pacifico, Connie Palmen, Brian Phillips, Leonardo Piccione, Francesco Piccolo, Edward Posnett, Christian Raimo, Arundhati Roy, Noo Saro-Wiwa, Tiziano Scarpa, Peter Schneider, Daniel Schulz, Sekiguchi Ryōko, Taiye Selasi, Elif Shafak, Raja Shehadeh, Nuno Artur Silva, Fredrik Sjöberg, Leïla Slimani, Burhan Sönmez, Jón Kalman Stefánsson, Morten Strøksnes, Leo Tuor, Olivier Truc, Enrique Vila-Matas, Juan Villoro, Mirza Waheed, Frank Westerman, Anna Wiener, David Winner, Samar Yazbek, Yoshimoto Banana, Elisabeth Åsbrink.

«This issue of The Passenger really is a beautiful object: it is a pleasure to look at, to read and to hold in your hands.»

— Nicola Lecca – La Repubblica

«Essential, far more than a travel guide, required reading for anyone who identifies with the subtitle: For explorers of the world.»

— Marco Filoni – Il Venerdì

«The volume is varied in its style and content. [It] is, what’s more, a beautiful book: its thick pages are the tone and texture of marble and incorporate numerous colour photographs, illustrations and miscellanea (including reading lists, film recommendations and a playlist) that help give the inside story of [the country].»

— Times Literary Supplement